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2023 - 2024 Standing Chairmen

Special Committees Chairmen


Joy Springer

Janet Davis Tate

Jamala Thomas

Special Projects

Dominique Phillips

Time & Meeting Place

Georgia Walton

Program Committees - LaTrese Johnson

Initiative 1: Strengthen Our Sisterhood

Initiative 2: Empower Our Families

Initiative 3: Build Our Economic Wealth

Initiative 4: Enhance Our Environment

Initiative 5: Advocate for Social Justice

Initiative 6: Uplift Our Local Community

Standards Committees Chairmen

Archives Committee

Vickie Williams


Arkansas Council Committee

Melanie Hillard


Audit Committee


Awards/Scrapbook Committee

Vickie Williams


Brand Committee

Lou Jackson

Brenda Stallings


Budget/Finance Committee

Angela Rankins-Jones


Bylaws Committee

Clai Hall


Communications Committee

Lyndajo Watson


Connections & Social Justice Committee

Brenda Stallings


Courtesies and Gifts Committee

LaQuodreia Kitchen


Directory Committee

Lyndajo Watson


Education/New Directions

Chandra McCray


Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF)

Andress Gray


Executive Committee

Briana Davis
Joy Springer
Winifred Stamps


Founders’ Day Committee

Dominique L. Phillips


Golden Soror Committee

Chandra McCray
Brittany McNeil

Leadership Development Committee

Danyelle Crutchfield Cummings
Melanie Hillard

Meditation Committee

Natalie Horton
Laura Martin
Vanessa Parker

Membership Committee

Shelia Brooks
Betty Bryant

Music Committee

Rita Bledsoe

Pan-Hellenic Council

Tennille Ayers
Salisa Harrison
Shawntala Richmond
Vivian White

Photography Committee

Kristie Croom

Program Committee

LaTrese Johnson

Protocol Committee

Janet Davis Tate

Public Relations Committee

Lou Jackson

Risk Management Committee

Rituals Committee

Sisterly Relations Committee

Elizabeth Eskew
LaChanda Filter

Standards Committee

Sandra Easter

Strategic Planning Committee

Technology Committee

Briana Davis

Tellers Committee
Beverly Lyn-Cook

Faith Thomas

Mia Kristina Wilson

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