Sylvia Carmelita Smith, the sixteenth president of Beta Pi Omega Chapter began her tenure January 1987.  Smith was initiated into Gamma Alpha Chapter at Philander Smith College in 1964.  She holds a Master's of Education in Learning Disabilities from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  Smith continued with all the programs of Beta Pi Omega, taking special pride in what she calls “Reclaiming and Retaining.”  She stated that one of the highlights of being president was the reactivation of Gloria Fender, who had been initiated with her.  Beta Pi Omega continued to be featured in the spotlights of the Little Rock Community under her tenure.  Some special highlights included our successful 55th South Central Regional Conference at the Excelsior Hotel in March of 1987 and a Founders’ Day Luncheon in 1988 featuring the illustrious Julia Purnell, our sixteenth Supreme Basileus.  A special gala event for all of Little Rock was hosted under her tenure when A P &L (now Entergy) collaborated with Beta Pi Omega to present the gala premier of “Cry Freedom” to approximately five hundred guests. Smith continued to reactivate many members in the Little Rock community.  She emphasized the importance of helping Beta Pi Omega benefit from the new ideas and suggestions of all members by encouraging newcomers to become involved and chair committees.  She also holds the distinction of having been elected as the nineteenth South Central Regional Director, Beta Pi Omega's second former President to have achieved that honor.